Membership is for people under 18 and is totally free. is a website made entirely by children and is welcoming new members.

Post Categories can include(but are not limited to):

  • Art and Animation
  • Riddles, puzzles, and tricks
  • Music
  • DIY or ‘how to’ pages
  • Stories
  • Science, sports, or other lecture-type posts
  • Poetry
  • Photo essays
  • Comics
  • Greeting cards
  • Games
  • Etc.

We require every post be accompanied by at least one image.

  • Art and photographs: 1200X1200 max resolution .png or .jpg or .gif
  • Videos: 640X360 or less, .mp4 format, under 2 minutes
  • Music: .mp3 format, under 8 minutes
  • Games: html5 format

If we get enough interest and talent to our website, then we plan to have contests with prizes, and books made containing the works of children (such as a “KidsNZoo book of Comics”)at no publishing cost to you. The books will be made available on for purchase at a low cost so you can buy copies for your friends and family.

CONTACT:  Email subject heading “New Member”, or message us through facebook

For Parents: The terms are basically that you agree to your child’s work being published online by, but you (the parent or legal guardian of the minor child) remain the owner of the original work and keep the copyrights. Children’s names and faces are not used for the website. Please choose a zoo animal for the website, and provide an animal avatar image. All work must be original art or photography, or be in the public domain (copyright free).  It is your responsibility to monitor and agree to what your child posts.  If your child makes a post with personal content, such as dancing which shows the child performing, for example, then its publication is an acceptance of your agreement to it being posted. Their is no inappropriate comments or posts and likewise, no profanity or rude comments (all the obvious stuff with children). This is a website for children’s skills, talents, and work, and not family photo albums or ‘funny things my cat did’, or other such content. Kids and zoo is monitored, and reserves the right to delete any posts, images, or comments that do not comply to our rules.